How to Convert PDF Files to JPG or PNG in Six Simple Steps


Are you having a tough time converting that PDF file into an easier format such as PNG or JPG? Or is it an image document which would look better in another format except for the PDF. Well, thank goodness I have been able to crack this dilemma through adequate research into computers and in this single post, I will teach you how to convert your PDF files into JPG or PNG in just a few simple steps. Just before we delve into how to convert your PDF file, let’s look at some reasons why you might want to convert your PDF file to PNG or JPG

Why You Should Convert your PDF File

According to Wikipedia, Portable Document Format, more popularly known as PDF in the computer world is was developed in the nineties to help produce documents independent of operating systems and software applications.

  1. PDF’s have been very useful in times past as the perfect medium to blend images and texts in a single document but a PDF file usually requires plugins which might not be easily accessible at a given point.
  2. For photos, graphic designs, email templates, and large web images etc. It is best to use JPG for flexibility, easier editing and also the ability to send faster without unnecessary complications. You even get to send quick previews.
  3. PNG files, on the other hand, are best for image files which need to be shrunk but still retain the color perfectly. A PDF file in the above capacities might not be able to do justice to the files.

How to Convert your PDF file to PNG or JPG in Six Simple Steps.

In just four simple steps, you will be able to convert your PDF files to JPG or PNG and you’ll be free of all those worries. Converting PDF to JPG or PNG is a very simple task unknown to a lot of people and can be done both online and offline. It can be done either through the free PDF to Image website or by using the Adobe Acrobat which comes in two different versions, the paid and free version. The Export Icon on the paid Adobe Acrobat will easily convert a PDF file to an Image file.

On the other hand,

  • Simply Visit on this website, you’ll be able to convert your PDF files to separate JPG or PNG files.
  • Once on the website, if you’re converting from PDF to PNG then select the PDF to PNG icon, but if you’re converting from PDF to JPG then simply select the PDF to JPG icon. Be aware that while PNG files are usually large and do not lose quality upon conversion, JPG is much smaller and their qualities might become tampered with upon conversion.
  • The next thing to do then will be to click on the UPLOAD FILES icon which will be located in the middle of the page, doing this will trigger a Finder page to open in a Mac computer or the file explorer page in a windows computer.
  • When this opens simply look for the PDF file to be converted in the file explorer page or finder page.
  • The next function would then be to click on the OPEN icon which will thereafter trigger the PDF files to start the conversion process and wait for all the files to be converted into their individual image files which should not take long for smaller files and might take a longer time for the much larger ones.
  • The Final step would then be to click on the DOWNLOAD ALL icon. This icon appears automatically when the files are already converted and ready for download.

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